ZEN starts direct shipping from China to the rest of the World


After having extended its capabilities last year with the opening of his new Shanghai’s facility, bearing specialist ZEN makes a big step towards international distribution. Starting from now, customers from all over the world will benefit shorter delivery times and more competitive prices, as direct shipment from China to all countries is now possible.

Direct shipping from China

Yago Zens, Head of ZEN explains: “Before, we would first send the goods to Europe, then from there ship it to the rest of the world. This had two major disadvantages: high import duty taxes and long delivery times. We want now to promote our products directly from China to the rest of the world, with shorter delivery times and more competitive prices. Especially in US, South-America, Russia and India, that are key markets for us. The delivery time for direct shipping from Shanghai to Los Angeles would take approx. 2 weeks, to South America from 3 to 4 weeks.”

Continuous investments on product quality

Pharmaceuticals, food & beverages or even aeronautics are heavy consumers of stainless steel bearings, one of the prime specialty of Zen. All of the stainless steel bearing range being supplied with FDA approved grease if required. The company, holder of the ISO 9001 certification award from TUV Rheinland, continue to invest in his core products, as Yago Zens explains : “We already cover the full cycle of quality control for a long time now, but we are aiming for even better quality in our stainless steel bearing range. Chemical compounds are key for the steel grade quality, and we’ve invested recently thousands of euros in new quality control systems. In the near future, this will help us to push a new type of bearing featuring stainless steel rings and ceramic balls. More info on this will come soon.” Interesting fact: the ZEN’s stainless steel bearing will equip all the athlete’s wheelchairs during the Dubai World Paralympics 2019.

German know-how, global reach

Founded in 1992 in Dusseldorf, ZEN first started the production of miniature bearings in the outskirts of Shanghai, and made early investment in modern production lines and quality controls. Today the group has more than 6000 in his catalogue, relies on a powerful network of 22 distributors spread on 6 continents, and ranks number 1 as the largest manufacturer of stainless steel bearings in the world. No doubt that the new shipment possibilities should strengthen the company’s position on the international scene. On domestic market side, ZEN keeps investments going too, as another facility should be announced in 2019.

Source: BearingNEWS magazine