THB makes the next generation bearing lubrication available to everyone


  • More than 10.000 types of bearings available within just a few days
  • Available for your favourite bearing brand
  • Highly extended bearing life time
  • Extremely suitable for wet and dirty environment
  • No regreasing necessary at exposed, diffcult to reach bearing sites
  • Food grade certified (NSH / InS / Halal / Kosher)
  • Trouble free and economic solution

What is DUROLUB?

DUROLUB is a mix of ultra-high molecular polymers and synthetic base oils. It is filled into the free space inside the bearing and then specially heat treated to a solid porouse matrix compound. There are only very narrow gaps around the rolling elements and to the raceways. The compound contains about 3-5 times more oil than greased bearings. With increasing operating temperatures, the polymer expands while the oil is reducing it´s viscosity – the bearing receives an appropriate amount of lubrication. While cooling down there is a reverse effect – the excess oil is soaked backed into the polymer.

The advantages

  • significantly increased lubricant service life 
    70% of premature bearing failure are caused by lubrication problems. Typically bearing free space is filled with 25-30% grease. During operation the grease is overrolled and excessive grease is pushed out of the raceways. With DUROLUB there is no excess lubricant, which is squeezed out of the bearing. The 3-5 times higher oilquantity in DUROLUB bearings is used very efficiently, always just the quantity needed for perfect lubrication.
  • sealing effect
    due to the narrow gaps between DUROLUB and the bearing rings, it´s difficult for water or dirt to enter into the bearing. The compound cannot be washed out of the bearing. DUROLUB in combination with efficient seal technology multiplies the bearing life. THB can provide most modern seal technology in combination with DUROLUB – the ultimate cost effective solution!
  • no condensed water

    even with high environmental temperature change there will be no condensed water inside the bearings. DUROLUB bearings installed in outdoor applications, e.g. such as cable cars, will not have any problems with condensed water inside the lubrication

  • reduction of installation / operating costs
    there is no need for expensive relubrication systems or to send out labour at dangerous places for regreasing. The operating costs will be reduced significantly.

  • environment protection
    excessive grease is always squeezed out the bearings and will pollute the environment. DUROLUB filled bearings will simply avoid this problem.

            Reliable durability – no regreasing / no bearing replacements necessary during the planned operating time

Durolub and thb

  • long experience
    THB has been producing Durolub for more than 10 years, there´s a deep knowledge base for special lubrication, seals and bearings
  • delivery time
    we are aware that customers cannot wait weeks to replace bearings. We regularly finish DUROLUB bearings within a few days and if it´s really urgent – just let us know
  • independend
    THB does not sell you a particular brand, we help to find the best solution with the products you prefer and which are economic.
  • last but not least the quality
    THB cooperates with the best lubricant manufacturers only. The polymers and synthetic base oils are the best one can find in the market.

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