Schaeffler bearing solutions for rail vehicle door systems ensure reliability, low maintenance and a long operating life


In rail passenger vehicles and freight cars, door systems are complex sub-systems that require reliable bearings to ensure long maintenance intervals.

In rail passenger vehicles and freight cars, door systems are complex sub-systems that are subject to high loads and stresses. Door components such as bearings therefore need to be reliable to ensure long maintenance intervals. Schaeffler offers a wide range of rotary and linear bearings for door systems that meet all of these high requirements.

For passenger vehicles, manufacturers typically demand an operating life of more than
2.5 million operating cycles (opening and closing) for door systems, depending on the
specific type of vehicle. The opening cycle often involves a swiveling outward motion
and a linear opening motion of the wings of the door. The swiveling movements are
safely carried out with maintenance-free spherical plain bearings and rod ends. In some
applications, radial insert ball bearings with flanged housings are also used. Linear ball
bearings or special track rollers support the linear motion.

For freight cars, when considering bearing technology for door systems, the focus is on
robustness, a long operating life and low maintenance requirements. For example, in
sliding door wagons and self-discharging cars, Schaeffler offers yoke type track rollers,
track rollers, needle roller bearings and spherical plain bearings, which fulfill these high
requirements. They are used for the mechanisms of shutters and covers, sliding devices
and guidance systems to support moments as well as linkages and linkage bearing

Linear ball bearings

Linear movements in rail vehicle doors must be carried out reliably. Here, smooth
running linear ball bearings from Schaeffler provide a long operating life and the option
of adjusting the angle if required. Depending on the design, these bearings compensate
for misalignment and due to their compact dimensions and low radial section height,
require very little installation space. They are available with or without seals, as well as
Schaeffler’s Corrotect® corrosion protection, depending on requirements.

For linear movements in doors, smooth running linear ball bearings from Schaeffler ensure reliability and a long operating life.

Track rollers, yoke type track rollers and stud type track rollers

In sliding wall wagons, for example, Schaeffler offers track rollers and yoke type track
rollers as complete units consisting of outer rings, inner rings, ball and cage assemblies,
and seals. Stud type track rollers have an inner ring that comprises a stud, with which
the bearing is fixed to the adjacent construction. These products are characterised by
their high load carrying capacity, efficient seals and long operating times. Corrotect®
corrosion protection further increases operating life. Plastic-covered outer rings can be
supplied to reduce noise if required. When various track rollers are in use, the pressure
on the mating track surface is considerably reduced by the special profile. Special outer
ring contours are available that are particularly well suited to the harsh environmental

Radial spherical plain bearings/rod ends

Maintenance-free INA spherical plain bearings and rod ends with corrosion protection
are often used in the bearing supports of doors in passenger rail cars. These can also be
found in bulk freight wagons where severe contamination from dust and dirt occurs.
Here, they are used as reliable, maintenance-free bearings for camlock shafts, tilting
rods and shutters.

Split radial spherical plain bearings guide the camlock shafts in freight cars. The bearings
are characterised by their long operating life and a high resistance to contaminants and
insufficient lubrication. Another advantage is that the bearings can be easily replaced
between the locking disc cams, which do not have to be removed from the locking shaft,
which is several metres long. The split outer and inner rings simplify the mounting and
replacement significantly.

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