Automatic lubrication – how it works!


The availability and optimal utilization of production facilities are among the most important factors for the profitability of companies. These days loss of production and the resulting loss of yield due to idle plants are no longer tolerated. In order to reduce unwanted failures and to make planned maintenance intervals as long as possible, preventive measures must be taken.

36% of all rolling bearing failures are due to insufficient lubrication. A regular and constant supply of the correct lubricant can prevent bearing damage and is therefore essential. The simalube automatic lubricant dispenser from the Swiss manufacturer simatec offers the ideal solution. The customer selects the sizes, lubricants and running times of the dispensers and thus receives a tailor-made solution for each lubrication point. Each lubrication point is supplied independently, reliably and continuously with the daily amount of lubricant selected by the customer – and for up to one year.

The lubricant dispenser is TÜV-tested and Ex approved and is therefore suitable for use in all potentially explosive areas (gas, dust and underground mining). Using simalubes also increases ccupational safety by reducing the need for employees to enter dangerous areas. With the help of simalube accessories, the automatic lubricant dispensers can be installed outside the danger zones. The permanent lubrication of up to one year also reduces the number of inspections. Sustainability is also a top priority at simatec. The automatic lubricant dispenser can be refilled up to three times. The dispensers are supplied by the manufacturer with high quality standard lubricants, but they are also available empty for your own filling. This makes it possible to respond to customer needs in a much more specific way, since the customer can use his own lubricants. The simalube lubricant dispenser contains no toxic substances, is 100% recyclable and therefore unique in terms of environmental compatibility. At the end of its life, it can be disposed of easily and ecologically. The wide range of accessories enables installations of all kinds.

The family of simalube lubricant dispensers comprises five different sizes. The dispensers work independently and reliably in any installed position. They can be set to a delivery period of 1 – 12 months. The standard range includes dispensers with modern high-performance lubricants. More information is available at