Easy change of part thanks to the new purge platform for the Asycubes 380 and 530.


Asyril SA, the Swiss manufacturer of innovative 3-axis vibratory part feeding systems, is pleased to present its new purging platform for the new generation Asycube 380 and 530 from November 2020.

It has always been a priority for Asyril to help companies of all sizes to benefit from automation while increasing the variety of their product offering. In applications where it is necessary to switch from production of product “A” to product “B”, rapid changeover is the key to improved productivity. In order to meet this growing demand, Asyril has developed a purge platform that can be easily integrated on any Asycube 380 and on the new generation Asycube 530.

Thanks to the combination of the quick-change platform mechanism and the purge option allowing a simple and quick emptying, Asyril offers an even more flexible and scalable product for a better return on investment.

Different uses of the product

Reduce changeover time

  • Quick platform emptying
  • Avoids handling of parts
  • No tools required to change platforms

Avoid operator intervention during production

  • After the “Pick&Place” of all good parts, evacuate the non-recoverable parts automatically (cutting of waste, tangled parts …)

Product presentation

There are different purge platforms; top frame, bottom frame, left opening and right opening. A metal spout to guide the parts to the receiving area is also included. An electric motor has been integrated to allow the system to operate autonomously once connected to the Asycube.


Download the appendices listed from the link below:


  • Press release in English, French and German
  • Video presentation of the purge platform
  • Images of the purge platform

About Asyril
Asyril SA, with its head office in Villaz-St-Pierre, Switzerland, is the technological leader in the field of flexible feeding of components. With its patented 3-axis vibration technology, Asyril SA offers clients around the globe a powerful solution for the handling of bulk pieces from <0.1mm to 150mm. Asyril’s innovative systems enables its clients to realize highly flexible automation systems that allow for a rapid market launch of new product variants with minimal investment. The Asycube range is the ideal feeding system for machines that need to meet industry 4.0 standards. For more information: www.asyril.com

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