Bearing Puller BP 160 – The professional removal kit for all hard jobs


simatec ag from Wangen a. Aare in Switzerland designs, produces and distributes practical and user-friendly tool sets. simatool tools are used all over the world for the mechanical assembly and disassembly of roller bearings and radial shaft seals. simatec ag has now expanded its simatool product range and developed the Bearing Puller BP 160 as an extension to the existing BP 61. The new simatool tool offers the ideal solution for removing larger deep groove ball bearings.

The Bearing Puller BP 160 tool set is the perfect tool for the professional removal of over 50 different deep groove ball bearings with an inner diameter from 30 mm up to 160 mm. To enable removal, the ball adapters are inserted into the bearing race and then turned 90 degrees to ensure a secure fit. This allows removal without having to reach behind. Even bearings that are difficult to reach can be removed using extensions. Sealed bearings can also be removed easily after removing the corresponding seal.

The compact tool case contains a spindle with centring attachment, a pulling arm support beam, pull rods, extensions and six high-quality ball adapter pairs. The spindle is already screwed into the pulling arm support beam and the tool is therefore ready to use even quicker. The self-retaining spindle attachment ensures a symmetrical application of force and thus reduces the risk of damaging the shaft to a minimum.

The simatool products are successfully used in the engineering industry, maintenance workshops and in virtually all other areas of the industry. The quick, accurate and safe handling of the tools is especially appreciated.

simatec ag has released an informative and practical video for the user, demonstrating the correct use of the simatool Bearing Puller BP 160:

For further information on simatool BP 160, as well as on the other simatool tools and toolboxes, refer to the website