HANNOVER MESSE 2021: Huawei to focus on transforming the manufacturing industry with full set of digital technologies


At the HANNOVER MESSE Press Preview event, Huawei revealed its development focus for 2021: scaling up and integrating digital solutions for the manufacturing and logistics industries to accelerate industrial transformation through all wireless, AI and further leading ICT technologies.

Though a suite of innovative and industrial proven technologies, platforms and services, Huawei will work closely with industry partners to make the digital transformation a reality along the entire supply chain.

Huawei plans to support this with a range of smart solutions, combining ubiquitous connectivity, edge computing, cloud and AI to create solution packages specific to each sector and use case. Huawei will present these to industrial partners at the full HANNOVER MESSE event under the overall theme of ‘Accelerate Industrial Transformation through All Wireless + AI’.

Speaking after Huawei’s presentation at HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition, Dr. Cesim Demir, CTO Manufacturing Industry, Huawei Enterprise Business Group Western Europe, said: “The last few years have been marked by the piloting of digital solutions in manufacturing, which have proved at many projects that those are disruptive and added value to the customers. Upscaling as well as full integration into existing processes will be important this year and in the coming years to ensure competitiveness in the international manufacturing industry.

Huawei’s technology offerings for 2021 unveiled

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology, HANNOVER MESSE this year takes place in an online format, with the Digital Edition now taking place ahead of the full event on 12-16 April.

Huawei has revealed what its presence at the April event will concentrate on: a curated set of flagship offerings designed to support agile R&D, smart factories, enterprise intelligence (EI), sales and operations integration, and smart services.

  • Using technologies including 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and RFID and other wireless technologies, Huawei is creating an all-in-one Smart Solution offering for warehouses. Huawei’s technology is capable of managing and reporting on business processes end-to-end, greatly improving oversight, collaboration and the potential to identify operational synergies and reduce accidents – therefore achieving a cost saving for enterprise customers.
  • Huawei will partner with the manufacturing sector to take factories fully wireless, integrating the necessary solutions with open interfaces so they can easily be scaled up and connected to additional machines or plants.
  • Huawei’s 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies include this compatibility as standard, as well as RFID, Bluetooth, UWB, and ZigBee support without additional installation. Meanwhile, Huawei Edge Computing (FusionCube) enables centrally maintained edge data center architecture.
  • Huawei’s infrastructure will also enable manufacturers to adopt smart production, by implementing the low-latency data throughput, inexpensive large-scale storage and process visualization needed to get the best out of automation. With integrated Wi-Fi 6, 5G, RFID, edge computing and other technologies, applied using the industry’s leading digital transformation practices, Huawei solutions give customers the means to optimize their production processes, increasing productivity while avoiding unwanted integration and other costs.
  • AI-powered edge computing can be deployed on a commercial scale with the Huawei Atlas AI Computing Platform, which combines conventional CPU and AI processing technologies to unlock a new degree of computing power at industrial level. Suitable for industries with high computing requirements such as 3C (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics) and semiconductor, the Atlas solution incorporates a broad range of components so it can be applied on a modular basis to suit business needs, simplifying deployment, enhancing scenario coverage, reducing error rates and O&M costs, and improving detection speeds.
  • Huawei recently launched the IdeaHub – a productivity tool for smart collaboration, bundling intelligent writing, AI-assisted HD video conferencing and wireless sharing. As remote working becomes more common, IdeaHub enables seamless connectivity and high-quality collaboration between different campus and off-site locations, such as regional product launch teams in a multi-national company. In addition, the large 4K screen (available in 65″ or 86″) is ideal for visualizing large amounts of complex data from sources such as planning, business processes or financials. All of this is available at a very attractive price point.

Huawei’s overarching goal for 2021 is to use these technology stacks to build a fully connected, intelligent world, while at the same time realizing commercial benefits for its customers and helping them fulfil their everyday connectivity needs.

Dr. Demir concluded: “Huawei supports companies with a high bandwidth of technologies that are highly integrated – such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6, AI, Edge Computing, IoT and infrastructure – to leverage cost savings, flexibility increase, and other benefits at a greater scale.”

To learn more about HUAWEI IdeaHub, please visit the website.

Patrick Berger
Head of Media Affairs
Email: [email protected]