Levels in application and environment – always in view with the Internet of Things


The WILSEN.sonic.level ultrasonic wireless sensor is the solution for remote monitoring of fill and water levels in tanks, silos, retention basins, lakes and rivers using the Internet of Things.

Pepperl+Fuchs presents the WILSEN.sonic.level, an industrial-grade ultrasonic level sensor that can be used to determine fill heights and levels in numerous applications. The measured values are recorded at regular intervals and transmitted to the Internet – optionally together with the current geo position. The autonomously operating wireless sensor is battery-powered and can therefore also be used away from any power supply infrastructure.

The WILSEN.sonic.level detects the fill or level by ultrasonic distance measurement. It does not matter whether the medium to be detected is a liquid or a fine- or coarse-granular bulk material. In addition, the WILSEN.sonic.level enables reliable measurement even in dusty and dirty environments, as well as in narrow manholes and, for example, containers with struts or other installations, due to its sound lobe width, which can be adjusted via mobile app, as well as various evaluation and filter methods.

Besides the level information, other data such as the temperature at the installation site, the battery status, and optionally the geo position are acquired cyclically at the set interval. All data is then transmitted remotely from the sensor to the Internet using the globally standardized LoRaWAN technology. Both public and privately operated LoRaWAN networks can be used for this purpose. The data is received by the remote station in the form of the LoRa network or application server and forwarded, stored and/or processed depending on the application.

The WILSEN.sonic.level is powered by a high-performance battery and thus operates self-sufficiently. This ensures operation even in remote and infrastructure-poor areas over a period of several years.


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