KYS emerges as Global PT brand


KYS started its activities as a family company in the casting sector in 1985, and has also been involved in the production of power and motion transmission parts since the early nineties.  KYS employs a total of more than 100 employees, aiming to lead the sector in which it operates. The company exports 70% of its production to companies in over 30 countries, primarily Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and America, and represents its country in the best way as a Turkish Brand.

With a young and dynamic technical staff, KYS carries out its production in accordance with TS 148 standards, within the framework of TS EN ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2014 management systems. It provides engineering-based support to sales and after-sales customers.

KYS achieves success by responding to customer product and quality demands at a high level of importance without compromising commercial ethics with strong teamwork. Although its strongest and most critical competitor is the company iteself, KYS continues to work meticulously so that its colleagues work more efficiently, and customers receive better service by aiming ahead of the previous day.

Working with a design and production-oriented system approach in the sector, KYS produces V Pulleys, Poly V Pulleys, Timing Pulleys, Couplings, Bearing Housings, Bolt on Hubs and special production in accordance with customer demands. The company also meets the demands of many of its customers, mainly in the milling industry, for casting parts.

In its foundry department, KYS carries out processes from 3 separate branches: Automatic Molding, furan resin molding and green sand molding. In addition, 250 gr – 6 tons cast iron and ductile iron (GG15-GGG90) can be cast in its foundry. Apart from this, up to 1 ton of steel casting is also made. KYS actively use 55% of its monthly casting capacity of 950 tons.

The new investments are: a Furan mixer with 20 tons/h capacity, semi-automatic furan resin molding and casting line, fully automatic 60 tons/h sand system and mixer, fully automatic 100 molds/h 600×700/250+250 undegraded molding machine, fully automatic molding line, 2+2 tons/h dual track induction furnace, 2+1 tons melt/hold induction furnace. There is a Bruker Q4 tasman spectrometer, 60 ton capacity universal pulling device, Brinel hardness measuring device, Rockwell hardness measuring device, metal microscope, sample cutting sanding machine in our laboratory. Among the new investments, there is also: ultrasonic testing equipment, casting simulation program, sand analysis and testing equipment.

With KYS’ mold shop investment, it can also make its own models using CAD-CAM programs. There is the SMEC LCV 6700 machining center, CNC router, universal lathe, styrofoam cutting machine and wood cutting machines and equipment in the mold shop.

In its machining department, KYS responds to customer demands with its CNC lathe, CNC machining center, C-axis vertical lathe, C-Y-axis horizontal lathe and CNC hobbing machine in a total of 30 CNC machine. In the next 2 years, KYS aims to double its number of machines. The company can manufacture special design and standard pulleys, couplings, bolt on hubs, bearings up to a maximum diameter of Ø2000. In the coupling manufacturing series, the product range is quite wide and KYS exports many more customer-specific design couplings. All of the manufactured products are stabilized by checking on a balance machine, and KYS offers products that can be used for many years at the same quality by coating them with our manganese phosphate coating line, which provides high corrosion protection. With a wet paint line, which KYS put into operation in 2021, the company can sandblast and wet paint in sensitive microns in accordance with customer requests and present measurement reports. Detailed technical analyzes are made and reported with the CMM 3D measuring machine in the quality control unit.

When discussing power transmission parts, KYS says that it is very difficult to go to sector limitations, but it mainly serves the mining industry, compressor manufacturers, bakery machine manufacturers, cement factories, sugar factories, ventilation systems, milling machine manufacturers and defense industry sectors. Apart from manufacturing, KYS also provides technical support to customers during the machine design phase. The product development and technical support unit carries out joint work with customers in the selection of pulleys and belt pulley calculations. Choosing the right pulley highly affects machine performance and cost.  It is asserted that customers can get high performance from machines at low costs with belt-pulley and coupling calculations and designs based on engineering foundations.

KYS’ long-term goal is to become a world brand in its industry. The company has a high level of exports to many parts of Europe, but as the KYS brand in the world, it aims to be a global brand sought by OEMs and end users.

Finally, the company aims to provide services to its customers, who closely follow the rapidly developing world technologies with its products at the right time, by providing high quality and customer satisfaction, continuing to work with its strong staff, and KYS wishes success to solution partner colleagues and customers in all these processes it carries out.

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