Manual lubrication is a thing of the past! perma Lubrication systems replace grease guns!


The most important tool for daily equipment lubrication is the grease gun. In the long run however, grease guns are not an optimal lubrication solution.

perma Lubrication systems on the other hand ensure a safe, clean and optimal lubrication process. Lubrication points on electric motors, pumps, conveyor belts, blowers and fans are automatically lubricated with the right lubricant, in the right amount, at the right time, based on ambient conditions. This continuous lubrication prevents insufficient and over lubrication and minimizes premature wear and machine downtimes.

Reliable lubrication saves time – without a grease gun

Manual lubrication often requires different grease guns filled with different types of greases. Using only one grease gun with changing lubricants poses a high risk to grease and oil contamination. This will have a negative effect on the lubrication result and can only be prevented by storing and using several grease guns. The more lubrication points with different lubricant requirements, the more difficult the storage of the right lubricant. Without written documentation it is almost impossible to correctly carry out maintenance tasks and to observe specified maintenance intervals. 

None of this is necessary with automatic perma Lubrication systems. Once installed, they automatically supply lubrication points with the selected lubricant.

Efficiency and high equipment availability – lubrication systems compared to grease guns 

It can be extremely challenging to supply the right amount of lubricant to the lubrication point with a grease gun. Manual lubrication often results in too much or insufficient lubricant supply. Insufficient lubrication increases friction and wear which leads to dry running of the bearing. Too much lubricant over longer periods causes bearing heating which results in bearing failures and costly equipment downtimes. The use of perma Lubrication systems can prevent these problems. With precise lubricant dosing and the right lubricant, these compact lubrication systems can be perfectly adjusted to meet the requirements of every lubrication point. Relubrication takes place while the machine is in operation which has a positive effect on lubricant distribution inside the bearing. A consistent supply of fresh lubricant prevents the ingress of fluids, dirt and dust and extents bearing service life. Maintenance intervals can be planned, unscheduled equipment downtimes are prevented and maintenance costs are reduced. 

A benefit to workplace safety and the environment 

The use of perma Lubrication systems increases workplace safety. Automatic lubrication contributes to accident prevention as the systems minimize the need for maintenance workers to access dangerous areas. An indirect or remote installation of perma lubrication systems supplies machine parts reliably with lubricant despite strong vibrations or high temperatures. 

Every 11 seconds, a perma lubrication system is installed or exchanged worldwide.

The decision to use perma Lubrication systems is also a decision for long-term optimal lubrication. perma is not only the expert in automatic lubrication systems but also offers all-round service. The perma SELECT APP helps to determine the ideal lubricant and the right discharge setting on perma Lubrication systems taking operating conditions into account. perma MLP is a great tool to organize and manage all lubrication points. Upcoming maintenance work can easily be coordinated. The perma SERVICE Team is always available for installations on site.

perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG
perma-tec has been providing innovative and creative lubrication solutions for more than 50 years. perma´s single- and multi-point lubrication systems can be found in almost all types of industries and applications around the world.

perma-tec´s leadership in single-point lubrication is based on many patents and certifications. All perma products are developed, tested and manufactured in the company’s German headquarters and live up to the “Made in Germany” quality.

With many years of experience and a network of subsidiaries and competent partners around the world we can offer our customers lubrication solutions that meet highest technical requirements. More information about perma-tec can be found at or requested from [email protected].

This article is published in MOTION+DRIVES Oct-Nov-Dec 2021 issue.

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