The Future of Events and Meetings is Hybrid


The Covid-19 pandemic caused immense changes to industry events and meetings. The abrupt transition from in-person to online events left both attendees and planners scrambling to understand the complexity of virtual event spaces. Moreover, many were left puzzled, trying to determine if this unique situation was an opportunity for growth, or a short-lived pain that would eventually go away. Now, as the world begins to heal, we are no longer left guessing which answer is correct.  Hybrid+ events are here to stay.

Current situation and challenge 

2020 delivered unprecedented transformational change.  B2B marketing and event participation experienced a complete reduction in physical events, and forced dependence on virtual events.  This uniquely difficult period challenged the understanding of virtual event spaces and tested the comfortability of digital features.  The shortcomings of online event planning displayed the importance of in-person connection, while previous reliance on physical events deprived us of the untapped potential for greater virtual opportunities.  As the world experiences an evolutionary change, leaving many in uncertain territory, there is an overwhelming challenge; how to bring the two formats together in order to facilitate two experiences in one. 

Future Outlook and solutions

Hybrid events are here to stay, and it is safe to say these changes are permanent.  In order to understand why, it’s important to first comprehend the structure of a hybrid event.  In a basic format, hybrid events will incorporate features from both in-person and online event structures with a shared experience for all participants.  The utilization of technical capabilities will allow participants to reach their specific audience on a magnified level, increasing the productivity of events, while also socially engaging face-to-face.

Networking opportunities are vital to the growth objectives of any company, and maximizing this potential is the goal of all event planners.  Physical events have long provided the valuable social interaction deemed necessary for companies to display their professionalism through carefully selected representatives and visual displays. For this reason, the variety of benefits provided through in-person events will remain.

Concurrently, digital event technology will provide additional value.  Successful B2B marketing and event participation in any format requires the highest level of return on investment (ROI).  Through hybrid events, companies can now quantify ROI through statistical tracking – furthering their ability to drive engagement, and maximize revenue with increased opportunities to meet with sellers/buyersAdditionally, hybrid events do not limit matchmaking opportunities to the confines of the event space, and allow participants the ability to network well before, or long after the physical event is over.  

As the world continues to navigate the effects of Covid-19 on a country-by-country basis, hybrid formats will prompt a dramatic increase in event participation.  Companies facing difficulty in scheduling, travel restriction protocols, or limited budgets will be afforded flexibility to attend events.  

Motion+Drives Hybrid Meetings 2022

Motion+Drives is organizing a hybrid event structure that will encompass 1 full year of virtual meetings across 30+ physical events.  Working globally through local teams and partnerships in each of the participating countries, companies can connect with power transmission manufacturers, distributors, and end-users within 15 different industries.   Operating before, during, and after physical events, the virtual matchmaking meetings will significantly augment trade show capacity and allow participants to return to virtual portions of their desired event at their convenience.  Plans are in motion to incorporate unique features designed to expand company visibility, such as the option for customized company events.  Overall, Motion + Drives is offering a community building strategy with the opportunity to reach over 100,000+ industry peers.

Contact [email protected] for more information and details about Motion+Drives Hybrid Meetings.

  1. Connect with the global power transmission industry peers for 1 year
  2. Pre-schedule with leads and partners [in-person or virtual]
  3. Market your product in 15+ different industries
  4. Present your solutions within 30+ physical events in 2022
  5. Organize your customized company event within the community
  6. Expand your brand visibility worldwide, in print and digitally
  7. Find new suppliers
  8. Receive monthly international event reports and contacts
  9. Keep track of your ROI
  10. Reach 100,000+ industry peers

This article is published in MOTION+DRIVES Oct-Nov-Dec 2021 issue.

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