VULKAN How it all Began…


Founded in 1889, VULKAN started to produce first clutches for lifting machinery, hoists and reverse gearboxes. Fast forward to the 50’s, VULKAN set a milestone by producing the first highly flexible torsional coupling. By combining application know-how, cutting-edge technology and professional competence, over the years, VULKAN became synonymous with torsional couplings. It was not until recently that VULKAN started to develop internal technology and know-how either by producing elastomers for its products in-house or diversifying its own business.

Today, VULKAN counts on three major branches, which are VULKAN Couplings (linked to the primary marine market), VULKAN Drive Tech (the industrial unit of the VULKAN Group), and VULKAN Lokring (market leader for braze-free tube connections in refrigeration systems). 

VULKAN Drive Tech operates in different industrial markets such as oil & gas, steel mill, energy, bulk material handling and mining to provide high-grade solutions for industrial drive. VULKAN Drive Tech has been setting standards in terms of performance and reliability in the harshest conditions. The horizontal integration of its portfolio creates added value for the customer: torsional flexible and rigid couplings, hydrodynamic couplings, brakes, backstops and resilient mounts are all available from a single source, perfectly integrated and works in tandem as a standard solution as well as individually tailored. 

Uniting Tradition and Innovation

Adopting a holistic approach to producing drivelines components for the heavy duty industries, VULKAN Drive Tech is guided by a mission to serve as a system solutions partner, preferably a simple products supplier. As international strategic partner for industrial transmissions accessories, VULKAN Drive Tech is driven by the goal to guarantee the utmost integration for different components in industrial drives, such as couplings, brakes and backstops. At VULKAN Drive Tech, we take care of the design, development, manufacturing, and most importantly, testing of all our products in-house. All product performances published in our technical literature have been calculated and tested in our in-house laboratories on a real 1:1 scale either statically or dynamically.

VULKAN Drive Tech engineering team is focused on guaranteeing that all the products installed on the same drivetrain, can properly perform and correctly interact with one another. This proves to be of great advantage for clients as they can now count on just one partner as the main source of all power transmission components and braking system. 

Since preventive maintenance to reduce operational costs is also a mandatory requirement for the industry, VULKAN Drive Tech is engaged in developing innovative products to enable its clients to monitor product performances and operational status in real-time properly. For instance, VULKAN Drive Tech new power supply for electromagnetic brakes V317 can be remotely operated via the VULKAN app “V Connect”, to check the main parameters of VULKAN Drive Tech electromagnetic brakes and, if necessary, reprogram the brakes’ main functions remotely.

With its innovative offerings, VULKAN Drive Tech successfully optimizes its clients’ product performances and reduces associated costs along the way. As a result, it has amassed an exemplary reputation among its clients. 

What steers VULKAN Drive Tech ahead of the competition is its relentless pursuit to continuously improve and extend its products portfolio offering with new cutting-edge solutions which can, in the best possible manner, meet the continually evolving and changing requirements of main customers such as OEM and end-users. Furthermore, VULKAN Drive Tech optimizes its sales organization through a global presence of the company with 17 wholly-owned subsidiaries worldwide. 

VULKAN Drive Tech guarantees value retention and high customer benefits for its clientele. To this end, it is always a step ahead of the competition. The basis of this is the reliability of the products and optimization of cost-benefit ratio against the backdrop of the high market requirements. Based on customer requirements, VULKAN Drive Tech engineers an integrated system solution consisting of couplings, brakes and backstops, which will fulfil the customers’ initial technical and commercial requirement and therefore optimize products performances and associated costs.

This article is published in MOTION+DRIVES Oct-Nov-Dec 2021 issue.

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