New Managing Director for Makino GmbH: Bert Kleinmann wants to enhance customer support and intensify sales activities in Germany


Makino Europe GmbH has appointed Bert Kleinmann new Managing Director of Makino GmbH on 1st October. With decades of management experience in the CNC machine tool manufacturing sector, Bert Kleinmann brings vast knowledge from the industry which will help take Makino GmbH to the next level.

20 years of experience as Managing Director for Matsuura gives Bert Kleinmann a head start in his new assignment at Makino GmbH. Located in the facility of Makino Europe’s headquarters and technology centre in Kirchheim unter Teck near Stuttgart, Makino GmbH is responsible for the Japanese parent company’s sales, application and service activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia.

Bert Kleinmann already sees a number of focal points in his new assignment: “First, we will be prioritising customer satisfaction; and second, we will be intensi-fying our sales activities in Germany to come closer to our customers.” He also sees improvement potential in several areas: “We want to speed up our after-sales service, get to understand our customers better and cultivate closer relation-ships with them, not least through the deployment of digital tools.” Preventive maintenance and more efficient internal processes are two other areas Bert Kleinmann will be prioritising to enhance customer satisfaction.

Bert Kleinmann has a clear vision for Makino GmbH: “We want to be the pre-ferred partner for leading companies in a variety of highly productive industries. By working hand in hand with such ambitious customers we can secure and gain competitive advantages in the respective markets.” Bert Kleinmann is determined that Makino GmbH listens to the wishes and needs of the most demanding cus-tomers and grows with them. “That way, we can accelerate a mutually stimulating process from which we will all benefit.”

In the highly competitive market for high-end horizontal, vertical and 5-axis ma-chining centres as well as EDM, Bert Kleinmann knows from experience that the only way forward is through a two-sided approach: “My mission is to create an excellent organization that lives up to the products we manufacture.”

Urko J. Ugalde
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