HabaSYNC® Timing Belts from Habasit: Hygiene all along the line for the food industry


All industrial conveying applications demand high productivity, efficiency and reliability. Many require exact product placement. But the food industry faces an extra challenge: how to achieve this while meeting increasingly strict hygiene regulations on food contact surfaces (often also extended to food packaging lines).

                                                Precise synchronization with the highest hygienic standard

Perfect hygiene, fast and easy sanitation

One of the toughest challenges impacting food lines is ensuring they are truly clean. Any crevices or exposed cords are potential microbial growth areas. Habasit’s food industry timing belt range includes belts with sealed edges and closed flights that fully encapsulate their aramid or stainless steel cords, eliminating water ingress and bacterial contamination to deliver perfect hygiene. All our food-safe HabaSYNC® timing belts comply with FDA and EU regulations, and withstand regular sanitation by scrapers, brushes, hot water, steam, and normal cleaning chemicals. Not only do our belts offer fast and easy sanitation, they also deliver high productivity and efficiency; reduced waste; long service-life; and no elongation, for lower maintenance and downtimes. The range includes open-end, endless flex, wide, and cast timing belts, with customization just a consultation away.

Tailored solutions for food and beverage conveying and processing

Belting is available for many areas, from meat and poultry to fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, beverages, bakery, and confectionary. As each has its particular challenges, our solutions come equipped with corresponding features, like resistance to hydrolysis, heat, oil, fat, and chemicals; good flexibility at low temperatures; antimicrobial qualities; easy-clean properties, and minimized sanitation and cleaning times, saving water and other costs.

                             Fully capsulated cords and sealed edges prevent contamination and microbial growth

Unique belt features for perfect hygiene during automated production

HabaSYNC food grade timing belts are available in several color options: transparent, blue, and the first ever black polyurethane belt for food conveying, which is fully compatible with inspection cameras. Our solutions are essential components of any automated production, inspection, or packaging lines. To reduce friction and protect pulleys against wear at high speed, Habasit’s foodgrade, white polyester fabric for the belt tooth side offers a unique solution that improves the performance and longevity of conveyors.

For applications involving wet foods or humidity that need high hydrolysis resistance, Habasit uniquely offers polyether-polyurethane belts. This is just one option among several for applications where water, cleaning chemicals and high temperatures pose challenges.

Widest timing belts available

HabaSYNC food-approved 600 mm wide timing belts are four times wider than other open-end belts on the market. These homogenous, monolithic belts are impervious to water and bacteria, so can be 100% sanitized. Long available in T10 and H pitches, our new 5M pitch wide timing belts with closed flights offer a unique solution for very compact belt conveyors. Equally distributed tensile members strengthen the belts and prevent elongation.

Why would you need such a wide belt? Just ask the pizza producer seeking a high productivity, foodsafe solution delivering accurate positioning and processing on a compact conveyor system with small pulleys. And all this on a fully sealed belt with superior chemical and water resistance, ensuring a longer belt lifetime.

If you need a wide timing belt with a pitch other than T10, H, or 5M, we offer clean, homogenous, longitudinally joined narrower belts for most common pitches, theoretically up to any width.

Extensive customization options – including unique hole option

Food processing applications often require special features, ranging from holes and slots, to false teeth and cleats. Uniquely, HabaSYNC flex timing belts can be fabricated so that holes can be made without cutting any cords.

To ensure we meet every need, our fabrication capabilities include over 30 foodapproved covers with different surface structures and properties, e.g. to reduce or increase friction, deliver different damping properties, or support good release.

Food-safe welded cleats are another option, available in every shape and size. For example, we created cleats with specially rounded tips (using injection molding) for a sausage producer, to avoid sharp cleat edges damaging sausage skins during processing.

Habasit has the right solution for every conveying and positioning task in numerous industries. Our portfolio of food industry solutions offers a one-stopshop for timing belts, fabric belts, plastic modular belts and beyond, plus services from advice to onsite installation.

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