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Han-Modular® Domino Modules: The next level of modular industrial connectors

HARTING has accompanied and supported industrial transformation for more than 70 years. At present the challenges are different, but the foundation for today’s industrial transformation is formed by basic technologies such as interfaces for the transmission of power, data and signals. HARTING is therefore launching the Han-Modular® Domino Modules, which will take the world of modular industrial connectors to the next level. They open up new possibilities for optimisation, including space and weight savings of up to 50 %, thus reducing the CO2 footprint. The product also convinced the jury of this year’s HERMES Award. The Han-Modular® Domino Modules were selected as one of the Top 3 Innovations of 2022.

Just as a domino has two separate squares, a Domino Module is composed of two “cubes”. The standard Han-Modular® mating face is split into two almost square surfaces, in which even larger contacts can be accommodated. The cubes support the configuration of customized connectors that are precisely tailored to the requirements of a design. Power, signal and data or compressed air as well as male and female contacts can be combined in one module. Overall, the number of required interfaces per unit is reduced. The connection technology becomes smaller and more lightweight as more modules and module types than before fit into one connector.

HARTING designates products that adapt to social megatrends such as sustainability and demographic change as “Connectivity+”. The Domino Modules are among them, because they help to reduce costs in the assembly and operation of machines and systems and save resources. This applies both to production – manufacturing smaller components uses less material and energy – and transport, which benefits from the space and weight savings as well as more flexibility. Individual assemblies can also be reused, improving sustainability.

Low contact resistance helps save energy

Plug & Play connectors from HARTING reduce the energy consumption of IT equipment. The Han-Eco® connector, for example, minimises voltage losses at data centre units by up to 50 %, which is made possible by using particularly low-impedance contacts.

Han-Eco® for data centres: In tests, the voltage drop at the contacts was only half that of comparable CEE solutions.

HARTING has analysed the effects of this connector on the operating costs of data centres and compared them with those of connection technology solutions from other manufacturers. It was shown that the power consumption for operating the IT infrastructure is halved when using the most economical connector in each application. The Han-Eco® proves to be a particularly sustainable infrastructure component for data centres that offers both customers and users a concrete added value, thus making it a Connectivity+ product.

CEE plugs according to IEC 60309 are widely used in this industrial sector as standard components for connecting computer components. HARTING compared two of these so-called conventional solutions – including that of the market leader – with the Han-Eco® connector, each in the 63 A variant. A savings potential was detected, which essentially results from the differences in voltage losses. The Han-Eco® has advantages here, as its contacts only had about half the voltage drop of the CEE solutions in the test environment. The result is savings of up to 95,000 € or 760,000 kWh per year (for a data centre with 15,000 racks).

High-performance interface for transformers, converters and power distribution equipment

The connections of transformers are permanently exposed to intense environmental impacts: mechanical effects, water, oil, direct sunlight, and ozone can significantly reduce the service life of components. That is why the new Han® HPR HPTC series was developed especially for transformer applications in harsh environments.

Han® HPR HPTC for connecting transformers, frequency converters (picture), power distribution equipment or battery storage systems / fuel cells. The series was developed for transmitting high currents. It is easy to install and protects from even massive external impacts.

The new system meets the requirements for a simple assembly including only a few components, thus ensuring maximum safety. On the cable side, a crimped contact is inserted into a three-part, touch-proof insulation body. In addition, there is a cable gland that protects against dust and moisture and forms part of the shielding, absorbing residual currents and transferring them to the enclosure.

HPTC hoods and housings use entirely metal contacts i. e. the cover and bottom part are connected to each other over the entire contact area. This is a new development, being the first transformer connector specifically designed for shielded transmission. However, the shielding can be achieved without shrinking and taping. In addition, an efficient coding system reduces storage requirements for the connector component.

Han® HPR Compact:
Space-saving and powerful outdoor solutions 

Han® HPR is a globally recognised standard for connector housings that require special protection against environmental influences whether applied in power generation plants, rail vehicles or ships. Aiming to expand the connector range for harsh environments with limited installation space, HARTING is currently adding the “Han® HPR Compact” hoods and housings to the series.

With the Han® HPR Compact (front) for interfaces, users save 20 percent of the installation space compared to previous solutions.

They require 20 % less installation space and are 25 % lighter than conventional solutions. The product is available in sizes 6, 10, 16 and 24 B and has a special feature that enables the housings “to grow with demand”, even after installation. For this purpose, up to two extenders, each three centimetres high, are attached to the bulkhead mounted housing. Even in difficult locations, this solution offers enough space for a connector interface. Due to the savings in installation space and weight, Han® HPR Compact housings also contribute towards sustainability and are considered by HARTING as Connectivity+ because, for example, in the railway sector, every kg of weight counts for energy consumption.

The Han® HPR Compact offers the following benefits compared to previous solutions:

  • Smaller mounting dimensions
  • High flexibility due to the use of extenders (not more than two at a time), each adding 3 cm of height
  • Time savings: shorter installations in environments with limited space
  • 16 coding options allow safe mating process even in environments with limited space
  • The entire Han® B compatible connector portfolio can be used, from standard inserts to Han® HC Modular, except for the insulation body of Han® HC 650 Modular

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE):
T1 Industrial Style interface available in M12 housing / space-saving, resource-protecting infrastructure ready for the field / IP65/67 protection and optimal screening for secure transmission from the cloud to the sensor

Seamless Ethernet communication via data networks from the cloud to the sensor/actuator level describes nothing less than the implementation of Industry 4.0. The T1 Industrial Style interface to IEC 63171-6 is also available in a sturdy M12 housing with immediate effect.

Bringing IIoT to the field – T1 Industrial Style, available with immediate effect in sturdy M12 housing

End-to-end Ethernet from the cloud to the sensor has not been economically viable to date given the lack of suitable infrastructure. Single Pair Ethernet has now closed that gap. The significant reduction in cables and connectors saves space, spares resources and facilitates applications in the field that were previously only possible with traditional signal wiring. SPE can accommodate significantly more sensors, thereby enabling more data to be captured from the field. As a result, operators can obtain a much more detailed picture of their processes and are much better placed to make improvements.

With immediate effect, HARTING is also offering its T1 Industrial Style interface, to the international standard IEC 63171-6, also in a sturdy M12 fully metal housing. With IP 65/67 protection and reliable 360° screening, SPE can now be deployed in challenging environments.

M12 Push-Pull:
Fast locking systems save valuable installation time in automation /IEC 61076-2-010 first international standard for M12 fast locks / outer and inner locks available

Installation time is a considerable cost factor in assembly. Fast locks based on the push-pull principle save up to 90% here by comparison with traditional screw locks for M12 circular connectors. For the first time, the new IEC 61076-2-010 standard now provides an internationally uniform definition for the locking mechanism for M12 connectors for vertical and recessed device sockets. It is also possible to connect flying cable couplings.

Caption: Push-pull locks to IEC 61076-2-010 offer up to 90% savings in time by comparison with threaded connections.

The time factor is crucial when setting up automation applications. Deadlines must be met, and costs must not get out of hand. In order to provide expedient support for installers, automation engineers should use devices fitted with reliable fast-locking mechanisms for connecting data, signals and power. HARTING offers connectors with push-pull locking for this time-saving alternative. Interfaces can be connected and disconnected rapidly and reliably by simply pushing or pulling the housing. Unlike screwed solutions, no torques need to be checked and no tools used. Regardless of whether it’s a traditional RJ45, USB or circular connector – push-pull fast locks save installers valuable time when setting up their application.

Modules for power, signals and data freely combinable /
Over a billion possible combinations / Can be ordered from a quantity of 1 / Online configurator delivers individual design data

In today’s industrial arena, devices and equipment is being developed in ever shorter cycles. The design and routing of circuit boards are becoming more sophisticated, posing a challenge to developers in search of the right solutions for all data, signals or power to be transmitted. To facilitate developers’ work, HARTING is offering a solution in the shape of har-modular® that provides a completely new level of flexibility for circuit boards.

har-modular® is a modular principle: The various modules can be combined in over a billion different ways.

har-modular® is a modular system which – in terms of size and architecture – is based on the DIN 41612 terminal strips that have been in use for many decades. Instead of relying on a large number of rigid solutions to date, har-modular® uses an online configurator to offer a building block consisting of various modules for the transmission of all important lifelines.

Developers can compile the modules required for power, signals and data individually in the online configurator. This personal solution can subsequently be ordered as from batches of 1, and the developer will also receive all the necessary data for their design-in.

In this way, prototypes can be very quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly assembled, while series production with har-modular® is also no problem. A flexible concept of this kind is totally new in the market and underlines HARTING’s aspiration to lead the way in the development of new, innovative concepts.

Collaborative Engineering at HARTING: One Stop Shop – with HARTING Customised Solutions

Joint development of customer projects – from the start of the project to production: that’s Collaborative Engineering the HARTING way. The technology company from Espelkamp will be presenting tailored customer solutions at the 2022 HANNOVER MESSE.

Joint development, creating new products hand in hand with customers and partners – Collaborative Engineering at HARTING.

Joint development, creating new products hand in hand, championing innovation together – all of this is covered by the term collaborative engineering. “At the same time, this is our incentive to continue developing products and solutions for and with our customers efficiently and sustainably going forward”, emphasises Christian Schumacher, CEO at HARTING Customised Solutions. “With the realisation of customer-specific cabling solutions and standardised system cabling, we are offering cross-market development expertise.”

HARTING connectivity solutions range from overmoulded, prefabricated, standardised cable assemblies for data, signals and power to tailor-made distribution boxes. The customer-specific solutions contain the full variety of connectors from the entire portfolio of the technology group, they are tested to the highest quality standards and can thus be used for plug & play.

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