Hannover Messe 2022: Emerson Presents its Solutions for the Future of Energy Management


Active energy management is paving the way to the future for industry. Emerson will be
showcasing solutions at the Hannover Messe that provide support to manufacturers from a range of industries with a focus on sustainability, overall equipment effectiveness and connectivity.

Product highlights

First pneumatic valve system with integrated OPC UA

Emerson introduces the first pneumatic valve system with direct integrated OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) – the AVENTICS Series Advanced Valve (AV) system with Advanced Electronic System (AES) Profinet and Ethernet/IP. Now available with preinstalled OPC UA functionality, making it the first and only valve system to offer this unique direct integrated capability. The AES helps users solve interoperability challenges and access data more easily while the integration of the digital twin can improve productivity efficiency and reduce cost.

AVENTICS Series SPRA Electric Rod-Style Linear Actuator

Emerson will preview the new AVENTICS Series SPRA electric rod-style linear actuator during Hannover Messe 2022. This actuator is a cost-effective, high-performance solution, offering enhanced load capacity, accuracy, and reliability. In addition to providing outstanding precision and repeatability, the Series SPRA is also extremely versatile and flexible, with a choice of three different screw technologies that allow implementation within a wide range of applications and can meet exacting application requirements. Compliance with the ISO-15552 standard, online selection tools and a wide range of mounting accessories ensures the appropriate implementation.

Multi-Media Monitoring Solution

Monitoring and analyzing data are critical in achieving overall equipment effectiveness, (OEE), prioritizing maintenance and assisting to informed decisions. Emerson’s Multi-Media Monitoring Solutions enable you to analyze compressed air, water, steam, gases, electricity, and other critical utilities leakages. Customers can deploy Emerson’s Edge analytics dashboard to gauge efficiency, optimize productivity and avoid or reduce downtime. At Hannover Messe 2022, our experts will be demonstrating Emerson’s multi-media monitoring cabinet solution and the insights you can gain.

AVENTICS electronic fieldbus platform to ensure overall equipment effectiveness

In today’s highly automated machines, the electronic AVENTICS series G3 fieldbus valve system is replacing conventional hardwired solutions. It integrates communication interfaces to pneumatic valve systems with input/output (I/O) capabilities. This next-generation electronic platform permits easy access to connections. It’s simple to assemble, install, commission, and maintain. The G3 is the only pneumatic valve manifold that contains a graphical display that can be used for configuration, commissioning, and diagnostics. It offers improvements in application, performance, and maintenance for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users.

AVENTICS AV valve systems for comprehensive connectivity

The AVENTICS AV systems provide a reliable basis for both compact handling systems and complex automation solutions. In the area of machine safety in particular, they offer intelligent solutions that significantly reduce your effort in creating a safe design. With their diagonal spool, the AV family valves – AV03 and AV05 – have set benchmarks in both sizes. They feature an excellent volume-to-flow ratio as well as a record-breaking energy balance. With the serial Advanced Electronic system (AES) interface, the AV valve system effortlessly communicates with modern control systems via all standard fieldbus systems. The modular electronics form the basis for high networking, flawless data transmission, and integration into Internet of Things concepts.

Movicon.NExT: Optimizing Flexibility in Automation Software

Movicon.NexTTM HMI/SCADA is a highly modular, highly scalable platform that goes beyond SCADA to solve automation problems for both end users and OEMs, from the single machine level to a complete plantwide IIoT project implementation. Among Movicon.NExT modules, Movicon Pro.LeanTM provides performance data and analytics for evaluations of OEE, and Movicon Pro.EnergyTM measures and tracks consumption, while the advanced Movicon NExT.AR solves operational problems through visualization tools that allow personnel to evaluate previously unreachable equipment. For maximum flexibility, Emerson also provides Movicon WebHMI, an HTML5-based visualization tool that can be used as a stand-alone HMI product running on Windows or Linux operator panels, or as a Web Client for Movicon.NExT SCADA applications, as well as ConnextTM, an industrial protocol gateway.

PACSystemsTM Innovations in Edge Technology

PACSystemsTM Edge Solutions is the most advanced portfolio of edge computing and control systems, including edge hardware and software that significantly simplify problem solving at the machine level and allow easy, cost- effective analytics and communication at the edge. PACSystems edge solutions include the true edge controllers, edge computing devices and compact controllers and leverage Movicon.NExTTM, WebHMI, Connext OPC UA server and the PACEdgeTM platforms in optimized software packages to provide powerful and flexible connectivity and visualization, and a cloud-enabled toolset. PACSystems makes the move to the edge easy.

PACSystemsTM RSTi-EP CPE200 Controller: Large PLC Performance – Small Form Factor

The PACSystemsTM RSTI-EP CPE200 compact controller family delivers large PLC capability in a small, cost-effective form factor so machine manufacturers do not have to sacrifice performance for price. It provides security-by-design, open programming and open communications built in, significantly reducing cost and complexity for OEMs and end users. A range of advanced features come standard, such as OPC UA communication over high-speed 1Gb Ethernet and C programming capabilities, plus the advantages of Emerson support. In addition, it includes analytics and is IoT-ready in order to future-proof systems for new technologies or existing process equipment.

Emerson showcases innovative hydrogen solutions

At Hannover Messe 2022, Emerson will exhibit its extensive range of measurement, control and electrical technologies designed to meet the challenges of hydrogen fuel production, distribution and end use applications. At Stand B54, Hall 13, a purpose-built skid will showcase how Emerson’s control and safety systems, measurement devices and flow control solutions provide safe and precise control, helping optimise production efficiency and purity, ensure safe distribution, and maximise fuel cell safety and efficiency.