OMRON Re-Creates a Real Factory Experience with Unique Booth Design at Hannover Messe 2022


Unique at Hannover Messe 2022, OMRON’s new global booth design re-creates a real factory experience presenting OMRON’s technologies and solutions with demonstrations developed to connect with the reality their customers operate in. 

Bringing real manufacturing evolution to factory floors today, the booth theme highlights the super evolution of OMRON’s i-Automation! value generation concept, that fuses together intelligent, integrated and interactive applications across a factory. Here are some highlights of this year’s exhibits:

Intelligent Cell Line Control Solution

OMRON’s Intelligent Cell Line Control Solution for high-mix low-volume production is shown for the first time at a tradeshow in Europe at Hannover Messe. Integrating sensing, vision and robotics, this advanced production line control solution enhances the performance of both humans and robots as they learn from one another. Accelerated employee training and knowledge transfer, zero defect production and enhanced workflow efficiency are some of the key benefits for manufacturers.

Visitors to the booth can see how OMRON has developed technology to advance collaboration between people and machines and realize new manufacturing in which machines maximize the potential of workers, who can grow and evolve together.

                                                                       OMRON Cell Line MoMa

Interactive innovation with collaborative robotics

With three collaborative robot applications, OMRON brings interactive innovation to the factory floor, without the need for layout changes or space expansions. In a 3D bin picking solution, a compact and high-speed 3D camera is attached directly to the collaborative robot arm. The solution is able to recognize and process the parts at the same speed as humans, providing a solution for labor scarcity.

A great example of machines, robots and humans working side-by-side is machine tending, where an operator can focus on value-added jobs, while the cobot takes care of repetitive tasks.

In palletizing, automation ensures a safe and healthy working environment for operators.

Advanced Services: Data Sciences

Experience OMRON’s data science and virtual assistance services with augmented reality in a demonstration that closes the gap between data science and engineering, helping companies advance from binary data to meaningful information.

                                                                           OMRON Cell Line LD250

Factory of the future: Tracking CO2 production with a data space connection across factories

OMRON also demonstrates at its booth a live data space connection that tracks real-time CO2 production at two of its factories, one in the Netherlands and one in Japan, to improve energy efficiency in both factories by comparing the CO2 emissions when producing similar products. Data sharing accelerates such innovation, enabling seamless exchange of information. For this, OMRON has collaborated with TNO, an independent Dutch organization for applying knowledge. They are partnering with NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), using TNO’s practical data spaces experiences in setting up Smart Connected Supplier Networks (SCSN) as well as benefiting from their role within the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and IDSA’s standard for secure and sovereign data sharing.

Supporting greener mobility: Fuel cell stack production

In addition, OMRON has joined forces with key partners in the automotive industry to demonstrate advanced automation solutions for battery and fuel cell production. OMRON aims to support manufacturers and suppliers in sustainable mobility to identify and adopt digital technologies to move towards autonomous production.

Together with VAF, a manufacturer of high-end assembly and production lines, and using Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, OMRON has developed a robot-based stacker cell for assembling fuel cell stacks to impressively demonstrate how information and operational technology (IT/OT) can be merged into agile and scalable production solutions.

Manufacturing automation with private wireless networking

How can 4G/5G private wireless networking provide the connectivity needed in manufacturing automation?