Reliable power supply of industrial mainboards: DC ATX converter with contact cooling and 6…36V input


The fanless DC ATX converter DC161W from Bicker Elektronik GmbH, Donauwoerth/Germany, is ideally suited for mobile applications in the 12V or 24V on-board network as well as for industrial and medical embedded IPCs. +5Vsb / +3.3V / +5V / +/-12V are available at the ATX output with precise control. The highly efficient DC/DC converter with 93% efficiency is equipped with particularly high-quality components and a robust circuit design – which is reflected in an MTBF of 990,000 hours. The converter is designed for reliable 24/7 continuous operation in the extended temperature range of -20…+70°. With a wide-range input from 6 to 36 VDC, the DC161W ensures the reliable and stable power supply of the connected mainboard even with strong fluctuations in the supply voltage and convinces in a variety of application fields, such as Industry 4.0 / IIoT, gateways, medical technology, transportation, digital signage, POS/POI, etc.

                                 Bicker DC161W – fanless DC ATX power supply for industrial mainboards

Flexible cable management

The cable management system of the DC161W allows the flexible use of customer-specific cable harness solutions. On request, Bicker Elektronik can carry out the complete assembly of the cable harness with individual cable lengths and plug connections.

                              Bicker DC161W – fanless DC ATX power supply for industrial mainboards

Thermal pad for contact cooling included

For the optimal thermal connection of the power components on the underside of the circuit board, a suitable thermal pad (gap filler pad) is already included in the scope of delivery of the DC161W. Due to the very good thermal management, the warming of the DC161W is reduced to a minimum and thus makes maintenance-free systems without rotating fans possible.

Vehicle ignition functions

The DC161W can be operated both in standard power supply mode and in vehicle mode, for example for CarPCs. The ignition-dependent ATX power supply as well as the start and shutdown of the CarPC can be individually configured using extended timing modes and a mainboard on/off connection (Intel® ATX 12V compatible). The selectable autolatch function ensures, for example, that the CarPC is started up and shut down safely, even with a very short ignition plus. The integrated deep discharge protection constantly monitors the voltage of the vehicle battery and automatically switches off the DC161W as soon as the battery voltage falls below a defined voltage value for longer than one minute. In addition, the DC161W has a remote on/off connection for the car amplifier.

                                Bicker DC161W – Underside with matching thermal pad for contact cooling

Power+Board bundles – everything from a single source!

As part of the Power+Board program, Bicker Elektronik offers suitable industrial mainboards from leading manufacturers such as Kontron, ASUS IoT, AAEON and Avalue. In addition, an extensive portfolio of high-quality system components in industrial quality is available: embedded processors, SO/DIMM memory modules, M.2 embedded modules, expansion cards, active and passive cooling solutions. With the reliable and long-term available complete solutions from a single source, the time-to-market can be shortened and thus time and money can be saved in system development.

       Bicker DC161W – Cable management system enables the use of customer-specific cable harnesses

Bicker DC161W

All product properties at a glance

  • Contact-cooled DC ATX converter
  • Ultra wide input range 6…36VDC
  • Extended temperature range -20…+70°C
  • Efficiency up to 93%
  • With vehicle ignition function
  • No base load required
  • Thermal pad for case mounting included
  • Cable management system
  • POWER_ON and POWER_OK meet Intel® ATX 12V Design Guide requirements
  • Maximum reliability and service life thanks to high-quality components
  • Optional EMC filter for EN 55022 class B available
  • 3 year warranty

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