Megadyne Accu-Link®: the versatile smooth running and easy-to-install link belt


The Megadyne Accu-Link® belt, made of polyurethane polymer, is a reliable alternative to classic rubber v-belts: versatile and easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, it helps to reduce inventory needs while offering a longer working life than traditional rubber belts.

In-built advantage

Constructed from the highest quality polyurethane polymer with a woven multilayer polyester fabric component for reinforcement, Accu-Link® belts are extra-tough, displaying outstanding resistance to salts, corrosive chemicals, mineral oil lubricants and other greases. This robustness, combined with their ability to operate across a wide range of environmental conditions, including marine environments and temperatures ranging from -25 °C to over 80 °C (-13 °F / 176 °F), means a good working lifetime.

Versatility and convenience

The Accu-Link® belt is made up of easy-to-install links, so the belt can be as long or as short as needed and is readily adaptable to difficult layouts. In practice, one roll of Accu-Link® belt material replaces a number of individual standard-length V-belts, reducing inventory and simplifying stock management. With all this convenience however, there is no compromise on performance; these precision-made belts run smoothly and quietly, and should re-tensioning be required, it’s a simple matter to remove the requisite number of links and restore the belt to maximum efficiency.

The Megadyne Accu-Link® can be found performing to the highest standard in applications across a wide range of industries, including textile production, agriculture, marine enterprises, glass manufacturing, metal and woodworking, to name but a few. In all the different uses, this innovative belt offers more choice and greater ease of maintenance to its end users than conventional alternatives can deliver.

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