Versil-Pak™ Wax Wrap Prevents Corrosion on Buried Pipe, Equipment in Harsh Environments


Pumps, piping, shafts, fluid control equipment and exposed machined surfaces benefit from the corrosion protection of Versil-Pak, a wax-coated barrier wrap manufactured by industry leader Daubert Cromwell.

Originally designed as a waterproof, flexible, wrap for pipelines and equipment buried underground, Versil-Pak has evolved into a full line of product options used to protect oil field machinery, metal tubing, large and irregularly shaped equipment in demanding environments.

Daubert Cromwell manufactures six types of Versil-Pak, each with excellent dead-fold strength, that are safe and easy to handle.  Adhesion wax coating works to lock out soil, high moisture, acidity, and corrosion-causing contaminants.  Use it as a tight wrap wherever drilling and other types of heavy construction equipment needs strong protection against abrasion and impact.

Durable, high-strength Versil-Pak is standard in 36” wide rolls, 50 and 100 yards long.  For military or government applications, ask for Versil-Pak wraps that meet the requirements of Mil-PRF-121, or any of Daubert Cromwell’s other approved papers, films, corrosion inhibitor devices and rust preventive liquids.


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