Eurotrans Gears Training on Production Technology is Back!


From 6 to 10 March 2023, the ‘Eurotrans Gears Training’ on Production Technology will organised again on site. This is a specialised training at master level on gear manufacturing technology.


Although the power transmission engineering industry is an important industry branch, universities programs have only limited courses on gears. In Europe, a mechanical engineer gets on average 5 hours of specific gear training. This is far too less to be effective in industry. Therefore, EUROTRANS identified world class gear experts and trainers and developed an extensive modular Gear Training covering all aspects from geometry and design over production technology to quality control and failure analysis. Addressing a European audience, the residential training program is organised in several locations in close connection with famous laboratory. This training on PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY is organised with Sirris and the University of Leuven. This year, the training course will take place in Leuven, Belgium and we will look into new technologies such as surface treatment via laser that can be used for among others noise reduction.

Target audience

This course is oriented to people active in the gears and transmissions sector with a basic engineering background and provides improvement of knowledge on production technology aspects of gears and gear systems. Further, this course in given in English and contributes to improve the language skills of the participants by interacting with the experts and with their peers from other countries.


The training course will be organised in Leuven, Belgium. The main location is the hotel ‘The Lodge Leuven’, Kantineplein 3 in Heverlee, Leuven (Belgium). However, part of the training will take place in the buildings of Sirris in Leuven and of KU Leuven, both locations at walking distance from The Lodge.


DAY 1 – 06/03/2023 @Laboratories of Sirris

  • Basic of hardening – Thermal Surface hardening
  • Hardening principles – Introduction-flame-laser
  • Basic of hardening: physical metallurgy, microstructure
  • Texturing of surfaces via laser and laser hardening  & Visit Laboratories Sirris

2 – 07/03/2023 @The Lodge Heverlee

  • Thermochemical case hardening processes
  • Case hardening

Trainer Day 1 & 2: Bernard Vandewiele

3 – 08/03/2023 @The Lodge Heverlee

  • Basics to know about Gears
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Gear Shaping
  • Power skiving
  • Gear cutting tools
  • Workholding for Gear Production
  • Chamfering & Deburring of gears

4 – 09/03/2023 @KULeuven

  • Grinding Technology
  • Gear Shaving
  • Gear Honing
  • Important aspects of premachining for hard finishing
  • Decision criterias for hard finishing
  • Gear inspection
  • Gear Hobbing of large module gears

Trainers Day 3 & 4: Yvo Quintiens, Dr. Türich, Mr. Klein and Mr. Kreschel


DAY 5 – 10/03/2023 @KU Leuven

  • Alternative and new ways of production for gear manufacturing
  • Visit of the Laboratories of KULeuven

Trainer Day 5: Prof. Bert Lauwers

Laboratory Visits & Social program

The training package includes evening diners and social activities such as a guided walk through the city centre of Leuven as well as a visit of Sirris Laboratories and KULeuven Laboratories. The social program can be subject to changes.

By registering for the Gears Training, you can take part to the complete program, spread over 5 days, including the laboratory visits and social program.

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