Regal Rexnord Launches the Rexnord Curve System with 1540 Series MatTop Chain


Drop-in system offers tightest inner radius in the market for reduced footprint

Regal Rexnord Corporation (NYSE: RRX), a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of electric motors and controls, power generation products and power transmission components, introduces its new Rexnord Curve System with 1540 Series MatTop Chain for conveyor lines requiring a zero tangent 180 and/ or 90-degree curve. The system offers the tightest inner radius (420mm) and smallest transfer (15mm) in the industry, for greatly improved space utilization and package handling.

                               Photos and renderings of new Rexnord 1540 belt, Fall 2022.

The new Rexnord Curve System enables head-to-tail transfer of even small and light cases without the need for micro pitch conveyors, transfer modules or plates. A consistent small nose radius across the width of the conveyor and smallest transfer available in the industry result in a safe small gap between the Curve System and the adjacent conveyor. This eliminates the need for roller transfer bars while providing more flexibility in container types when changing lines. Consistent angular speeds of the system’s modular belts ensure that products travel through the curve without rotation.

The Rexnord Curve System uses the lowest number of bearings for zero tangent curves in the industry, minimizing the need for maintenance. The drop-in solution can easily be integrated into existing conveyance systems. It uses multiple, industry standard width chain strands and can be installed by a single person. Its bevel curve retention system ensures a flat conveying surface and easy chain removal.

“The Rexnord Curve System has a cohesive design for optimal performance and ease of maintenance,” said Chad Walker, Global Product Manager, Regal Rexnord. “The product features several industry bests, in both tightest inner radius and smallest transfer, which offer customers unprecedented benefits in both space utilization and package size handling flexibility.”

For more information on the new Rexnord Curve System, visit here.