Megalinear RPP14 XHP2: Another Megadyne Solution for Material Handling Applications


If you’re a representative of Logistics Industry, you know that this market is all about speed, agility, and precision. Moving, storing, controlling, and protecting materials, often high loads, is a responsibility that never ends, but always speeds up. That is why Megadyne keeps up with these requirements and develops innovations to make your business be constantly on the top. The company is now extending the Megalinear family of belts with RPP14 XHP2.

Megalinear RPP14 XHP2: Increased Strength, Stiffness, and Performance

The latest addition to the line, Megalinear RPP14 XHP2, is an advanced timing belt with a high-performance cord, which translates into higher performance increased breaking strength and elongation stiffness. The innovation is capable of working under extreme conditions and high loads. As such, it is a perfect choice for automated warehouse systems, including cranes and lifts.

Megalinear RPP14 XHP2: Benefits to Your Business

Megalinear RPP14 XHP2 uses black TPU 92 ShA and special zinc cords, which are responsible for higher stiffness, lower elongation, and more precise positioning. The black NFT cover optimises tooth protection and makes the belt more durable. You receive the belt resistant to wear. But the savings are not the only advantage to consider.Megalinear RPP14 XHP2 is also less sensitive to pollution and dirt. Stronger XHP cords enable you to transmit higher loads at the same time improving the level of safety, for instance in lift applications.

3 More Solutions to Improve Your Logistics Operations

As mentioned before, the latest addition is a part of a larger product group, namely Megalinear. The whole line is manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane, giving you superior resistance to wear and abrasion. With various grades of steel cords and tooth profiles, you may be sure to benefit from good running characteristics, even with high tractive efforts.

Megalinear GW, for example, works efficiently with high load applications due to special high tension zinc coated steel cords. You can use it in vertical transport of vehicles, lifting, and handling equipment.

Megalinear QST  is a quiet self tracking belt usually chosen for elevators, automatic warehouses, and automotive industry. It significantly reduces noise levels and eliminates the need for flanged pulleys. Use it to ensure high precision linear positioning.

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