MEGALINEAR FC – Megadyne food safety solution


For Megadyne, global leader in the field of Power Transmission and member of AMMEGA Group, food safety is of the utmost importance to the health of all consumers and viability of businesses dealing with food.

Hence, we have broadened our MEGALINEAR FC (Food Contact) range of belts introducing new profile options to increase the application possibilities in food processing.

Designed specifically for food processing and packaging industries, MEGALINEAR FC is produced with food contact approved materials, according to FDA and European EU 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, EU 174/2015; it’s manufactured in T5/T10 pitch without gap in between the teeth to avoid food contamination.

This advanced FDA synchronous range of belts meets the criteria where food contact is required, ensuring maximum reliability and total hygiene without compromising your performance. MEGALINEAR FC, in fact, matches the power and precision for synchronous conveying (balanced tracking, low running tension, and low vibration) and guarantees excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, making it the perfect choice for wet and dry food contact processing.

MEGALINEAR FC is now available in a wider variety of backing profiles, for all kinds of food processing and packaging conveying applications:

Smooth, Longitudinal Ribbed, Transversal Ribbed, Noppen Oval, Roof, Spike Small, Spike Large, Truncated Pyramid, Truncated Cone, Lamella.

What’s more, our smooth FC, no gap belt in T5 and T10 pitch can be additionally customized with cleats according to your specific need.

Contact our experts to know more about MEGALINEAR FC!  By working together, we can raise your capabilities, implement best-in-class food safety practices, and help you ensure, and enhance, your food safety conveying performances.

Food Safety First: Megadyne Unyielding Promise

More info regarding the product you can find here.


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