Introducing MEGASYNC™ Gold2 & Silver3


In the world of power transmission, innovation and development are crucial aspects of success. Megadyne is proud to introduce the newest members of the MEGASYNC™ family line – Gold2 and Silver3.

An improved line of rubber endless timing belts

A few months ago, they unveiled a rebranding initiative for the rubber endless timing belts, now known as MEGASYNC™. Today, this product family welcomes two enhanced additions, Gold2 and Silver3. While the names may ring a bell for our customers, these arrivals represent refined iterations of the familiar products.

The MEGASYNC™ family line finds applications across various industries, with a particular focus on heavy industrial operations, wood-cutting machinery, and material handling. The latest additions are versatile and cater to a range of roles in these environments.

Distinguishing Gold2 and Silver3 from their predecessors

Gold2 has been engineered as a robust version of RPP and Silver rubber endless timing belts. Crafted from premium materials subjected to extensive testing, it combines the benefits of gears and roller chain drives while minimizing drawbacks. The high-performance NBR compound, reinforced with a higher-performing K-glass cord, produces a belt suitable for diverse applications, ensuring durability even in the most challenging conditions. Gold2 belts feature the RPC profile, aimed to be interchangeable with existing deep groove profiles. Those characteristics ensure that the new Gold2 is reliable and a solution for many problems and needs.

Silver3 offers a power rating of over 20% when compared to the previous Silver and Silver2 belt range, boasting improved properties at the same price point. It exemplifies our commitment to innovation and evolution without compromising product costs and efficiency. Constructed from fiber-loaded nitrile and a higher-performing fiberglass cord, the Silver3 rubber endless timing belt ensures full functional interchangeability with other deep profile systems. Existing RPP or Silver and Silver2 systems can be upgraded without replacing pulleys, minimizing costs. Similar to the Gold2 belt, the latest Silver variant accommodates various applications, including heavy-duty materials and extreme conditions.

With the new versions, we have improved the tooth-facing fabric to ensure greater durability and an extended lifespan. This proactive approach is designed to anticipate the prolonged usage and inevitable wear and tear of MEGASYNC™ belts, with the overarching goal of minimizing costs for the advantage of our clients.

Megadyne offers industry expertise

At Megadyne, they are industry experts, continuously seeking ways to innovate and enhance our offerings. The latest additions to the MEGASYNC™ family line align with these trends, presenting improved rubber endless timing belts tailored for the evolving world of power transmission and high-performance industries.

Connect with the experts to explore the MEGASYNC™ family line and discover the features of Gold2 and Silver3 rubber endless timing belts. The team are always available to discuss how the products can optimize your operations and contribute to the success of your business.