A Deep Dive into the European Power Transmission Industry – Motion Masters episode 1


We dive deep into the European Power Transmission Industry in this episode of Motion Masters Podcast with Mr. Salim Haffar, The President at EUROTRANS, to cover a range of topics from his personal experiences and roles to broader industry trends, challenges, and future outlooks.

EUROTRANS, as a federation, plays a pivotal role in representing and supporting the European power transmission industry. Its influence and scope are significant, encompassing over 600 enterprises across Europe. These enterprises collectively contribute to an impressive annual production value exceeding 40 billion Euros, underscoring the economic significance of the sector.

The European region is renowned globally for its innovative prowess and extensive experience in the power transmission sector. This industry is a substantial employment generator, providing jobs to over 160,000 individuals. The responsibility of EUROTRANS in advocating for and supporting these employees and their companies is substantial, especially considering the diverse national needs and contexts within Europe.

In essence, EUROTRANS functions as a crucial intermediary and advocate, ensuring that the interests of a vital and economically significant sector are effectively represented and addressed at various levels, including national and international platforms. The organization’s role in fostering innovation, promoting best practices, and advocating for the sector’s needs is integral to the continued growth and sustainability of the European power transmission industry.

To interact and connect with Mr. Salim Haffar you can join the Bearing & Power World Meetings from 10 to 12 June 2024 in Istanbul. More information can be found at www.bearing-power.com.

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