Application Park: The Future of Robotics is Autonomous


One of the highlights at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE will be the Application Park. There, it will be possible to view intelligent robot systems, autonomous driving devices in operation, the latest AI applications in robotics, image recognition tools and virtual platforms.

Götting KG from the town of Lehrte will be among the exhibitors. The company has been developing and producing sensors and radio technology for self-driving transport vehicles in industry since 1980. Götting KG possesses the world’s most comprehensive technologies for industrial applications, and has been mass producing and supplying vehicles for automation within production for around 25 years now. These include wheel loaders, forklift trucks and tugger trains. “This broad portfolio of different vehicles makes us the market leader in Europe. Self-driving vehicles for indoor use have been around for around 50 years. In this respect, our forklift trucks for outdoor use are something special. The type E25 is the first in Europe to be used on a continuous basis in the industrial sector,” says Hans H. Götting, Managing Director of Götting KG. Götting exhibited its first automated forklift trucks for outdoor use at HANNOVER MESSE a good 10 years ago. The latest applications will be presented at this year’s edition of the event. In addition to self-driving transport systems, the company also supplies the I&C system for larger facilities, including Movizon.

The Innok Robotics company likewise supplies autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for indoor and outdoor use. The INDUROS will be on show at HANNOVER MESSE: an autonomously operating mobile transport robot that can transport components and products both indoors and outdoors. It does not require any structural changes to buildings or outdoor areas. It can cope with speed bumps, rough surfaces and even drives in weather conditions such as rain or snow. The INDUROS couples and uncouples trailers autonomously. Numerous options such as a roller conveyor make it a variable, autonomous and intelligent transport system. “Innok Robotics stands for intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMR) that can also be used in difficult conditions. This is complemented by our unique Innok COCKPIT™ software with our Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™,” says company founder and CEO Alwin Heerklotz.

Another manufacturer of mobile robots is N Robotics. The company will be presenting its latest mobile robots for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE. These are equipped with advanced AI technology. The driving, hybrid and walking robots navigate completely autonomously even in the most difficult surroundings with the help of sensor systems and navigation software developed by N Robotics. “We can thus offer a completely new type of solution for automating manual processes that are susceptible to errors in an industrial context, such as inspections, maintenance of machines or lines, creation of digital twins or final inspections and quality assurance,” explains Elisa Czerski, founder and CEO of N Robotics.

The Inbolt company also relies on AI; its GuideNOW product enables more intelligent industrial robots with adaptive real-time robot guidance based on AI, and 3D vision allowing automation in all environments and for all applications. These include, for example, removing containers, tightening, gluing or grinding. GuideNOW enables industrial robots to make autonomous decisions in any environment. At its heart is an AI solution that processes 3D data 100 times faster than existing technologies, and is compatible with any hardware. “GuideNOW reduces the cost of automation, increases productivity and expands the functional scope of robots. This sets a new standard for industrial automation,” says Marion Szuflak, Chief of Staff.

Another exhibitor will be ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH, a developer of software solutions for programming and controlling industrial robots, which offers individual engineering services for demanding automation tasks. “At this year’s HANNOVER MESSE, we will underline our expertise in the field of advanced robotics and, in particular, in flexible cable and connector assembly. Using a robot-assisted cable handling application, we’re going to demonstrate the robust detection, pick-up and joining of freely suspended, slack lines and cables. The solution we have developed is based on a unique combination of laser line scanners, 2D camera technology and force/torque control, as well as newly developed interfaces and intelligent function blocks in our robot programming software, ArtiMinds RPS. This complex application is an impressive example of the versatility of our software products and new areas of application for robot-based automation,” explains Dr. Sven Schmidt-Rohr, Managing Director of ArtiMinds Robotics.

The CRETEC company is another company exhibiting in the Application Park at HANNOVER MESSE. “We specialize in industrial image processing and robotics, and we are the only ISO-certified experts in Europe in the field of machine vision. We check feasibility, design projects and implement them on a turnkey basis if required. We will be bringing a test system for measuring aluminum rims of electric vehicles to the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE. This is not a trade fair concept, but a complete measuring system from production. We have applied for a patent for the process. We measure the gap size and height difference (flush & gap) between the carbon inserts and the forged aluminum. Fully automatic, robot-guided, accurate to 10 µm,” says Alexander Trebing, CEO of CRETEC.

The exhibitors at the Application Park will include the following companies: ArtiMinds Robotics, Conductix-Wampfler, FRAVEBOT, L., Giovanni, Götting, Inbolt, Innok Robotics, Techman Robot, voraus robotik,, N Robotics GmbH, Vision Lasertechnik, Cretec, DRV, BÄR Automation, Coboworx and Haracus.


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