MEGALINEAR Belt for Logistics – MLR-45


At Megadyne, we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, catering to different industries and businesses, and offering innovative solutions that fit many applications and needs. Today, we are excited to introduce our newest belt for Logistics – MLR-45, a live roller belt that can meet the demands of the sector.

Introducing the MLR-45

MEGALINEAR Live Roller Belt 45mm is the newest design for the Logistics Industry. It meets the demands of the sector for reliability, durability, and efficiency, and offers a solution that can exceed the needs of automated warehouse systems. A well-engineered belt, adept at enduring bending cycles, modulating friction, and conserving energy, becomes integral to the entire intralogistics operation. Typically delivered in open-end rolls, these belts require on-site customization by warehouse maintenance teams. MLR-45 is all those things and more.

MEGALINEAR Live Roller Belt is a durable, reliable, low maintenance engineered belt for extended life in demanding applications in a logistics warehouse. It is manufactured from polyurethane 85° ShA, in standard green and alternative versions with black antistatic fabric on the bottom and includes high tensile aramid cords. The high grip surface decreases slipping tendencies on the roller and increases the efficiency of operations. The belt ensures less maintenance due to its easy installation, fast replacement, and smooth splicing with common equipment. MLR-45 is also energy and cost-saving thanks to features such as high flexibility, superior wear, and improved performance over machine run time.

Meet Megadyne at LogiMAT 2024

Megadyne will present during the LogiMAT 2024 trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, taking place between the 19th and 21st March. The International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management is a prestigious event and a must for all the industry’s top players. It is a perfect opportunity to introduce a product designed with this sector in mind. We will be present in Hall 5, booth A44, where you can learn more about MLR-45, our solutions for logistics and what we can offer your business.