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In the packaging industry, Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines (VFFS) play a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency and reliability. One of the essential components that contribute to the smooth operation of these machines is Megadyne’s “Pull Down” synchronous belts.

These special belts are indispensable in form fill and seal machines and bagging machines, catering to a diverse range of industries, from chemicals to food. In the food industry, they are particularly vital in the packaging of various products such as sweets, potato chips, tea, coffee, cookies, and pasta.

The Role of Synchronous Belts in VFFS Machines

In vertical packaging machines (VFFS), maintaining consistent advancement of the packaging material is crucial for optimal results. In most cases, a pair of “Pull Down” synchronous belts are positioned opposite each other on a metal tube to achieve this. The packaging material, whether it’s plastic film, paper, or foil, is wrapped between the tube and the belts. The vertical motion of the belts facilitates the movement of the film, resulting in the creation of a bag that is then sealed and filled.

Toothed belts often feature counterbores or longitudinal grooves on the coating side, aiding in suction and guiding the material using a vacuum system.

These belts offer several key benefits

  • Uniform Wear Surfaces: Ensuring consistent performance by eliminating hard spots.
  • Continuous Durable Covers: Providing reliable friction for an extended belt lifespan.
  • Outlasting Performance: Precision manufacturing of holes, slots, grooves, and profiles within a precise tolerance.
  • Seamless Covers: Enhancing reliability without the need for splices or seams.
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance: Extending trouble-free lifespan.

What sets Megadyne’s “Pull Down” synchronous belts apart?

Their unmatched ability to maintain synchronous speed and consistent vacuum between the belt and the foil ensures seamless and efficient operation throughout.

Synchronous belts with moulded covers offer the right balance of friction and wear resistance, crucial for efficient bag handling and filling, considering the myriad of film and media types used today. Modifications such as holes, slots, and grooves for vacuum applications can be incorporated to meet specific application needs.

Moreover, thanks to their superior coating material engineered for high abrasion resistance, these belts outlast standard timing belts.” – says Roberto Ala, Industry Segment Manager of Packaging at Megadyne.

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