Live Online Seminar: Basics of Gearbox Design Requirements – Concept – Design



Fundamental properties of a gearbox, like load capacity and NVH behavior, can be positively influenced already in a very early stage of gearbox development. This seminar imparts the knowledge of sizing the most important gearbox components in general and answers the following questions in detail:

  • What are the most important requirements to be defined when starting a new gearbox design and how is the design affected when these requirements are changed?
  • How are the most important components like gears, shafts and bearings sized and how can they be optimized regarding load capacity and NVH?
  • What is to be regarded in the first rough housing design?
  • How can size and weight of the gearbox assembly be estimated already in a very early phase of design?

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Target Audience

The seminar addresses to engineers and technicians working in the (pre-)development or technical sales department who want to enhance their knowledge on gearbox design and on sizing of gearbox components.

Main Topics

  • Deriving the main geometry of cylindrical and bevel gears
  • Sizing and designing of shafts
  • Bearing concepts and choosing the right size
  • Draft housing design and oil circuit
  • Estimating gearbox size and weight


  • Define gear ratios and position of axes
  • Size main gearbox components,
  • like gears, shafts and bearings
  • Rough design of housing
  • Estimate gearbox size and weight


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Klein

University of Applied Sciences Munich, Department of Mechanical, Automative and Aeronautical Enineering