New Environmental Product Declarations help customers make climate-smart decisions


Ovako has published a set of new Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to provide customers with independently audited environmental footprints for its specialty steels. The EPDs cover the full environmental impact, including the carbon footprint of hot-rolled steel bar from Ovako’s Hofors, Imatra, and Smedjebacken and Boxholm (Smebox) mills.

These declarations are based on a life cycle analysis of hot-rolled bar from the cradle to the gate. They take account of all the recycled scrap and alloying elements, transport, energy and waste products in the production process, and include all yield losses to final product.

As an early adopter of sustainability initiatives in the specialty steel world, Ovako first published climate declarations in 2017 that describe the company’s carbon footprint. The new environmental declarations evaluate and present six different environmental aspects. Ovako can also offer this information to customers for each specific product purchase, based on alloy variants and further processing.

“The carbon footprint of our hot-rolled products is 80 percent lower than the global average. Our customers can use our steel to improve their environmental footprint and the climate profiles of their end customers, and thereby gain a competitive edge. We have a lot of customer enquiries about our carbon footprint and we believe interest will grow further,” says Katarina Kangert, Ovako’s Head of Sustainability and Safety.

The international EPD® system is a global program for Environmental Product Declarations that presents independently audited life-cycle environmental impacts of products. Ovako’s EPDs can be found at:


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