PrintJet CONNECT – the networked high-performance printer


Weidmüller’s high-performance inkjet printer PrintJet CONNECT for plastic and metal markers – combines maximum process and cost efficiency with intelligent networking – as well as complete data consistency

Simple, efficient and environmentally friendly marking.

All in one: marker, printer, software and service.

PrintJet CONNECT – The networked high-performance printer for efficient and high-quality markings.

The PrintJet CONNECT combines maximum process and cost efficiency with intelligent networking and complete data consistency.

Today’s marking processes need to be as fast, reliable, efficient and flexible as possible. At the same time, customers also expect a print result that is perfect in every respect. And this is precisely where the new PrintJet CONNECT from Weidmüller comes in. Fitted with a high-quality industrial print head, the high-performance PrintJet CONNECT inkjet printer is the logical continuation of the successful PrintJet series. Designed to meet the changing needs of industry and panel building, it combines process and cost efficiency with intelligent networking and complete data consistency thanks to the options to connect either via LAN or wirelessly via WiFi.

The PrintJet CONNECT, which has been developed with a wide range of customer requirements in mind, is suitable for almost every industrial requirement thanks to its wide range of applications, and can be integrated perfectly into customer-specific functional sequences. Designed as a “one-stop-shop” printer that can print plastic or metal markers, the “PrintJet ADVANCED” sets new standards in respect of usage and handling, print image, speed and the longevity of the labelling. Whether colour or black print – the printer is bound to impress with its convenient plug&play technology, excellent print quality — including warning symbols or data matrix codes — and sound value for money.

The PrintJet CONNECT is connected to the network either in the traditional manner via LAN or wirelessly via WiFi.

The further development of Weidmüller’s successful PrintJet series is now able to print large quantities of markers thanks to its high printing speed. For example, up to 26,000 DEK 5/5 terminal markers, 10,000 TM-I wire markers or 5,000 ESG device markers can be printed per hour. Thanks to the high throughput, processes can be standardised and optimised and entire print jobs can be concentrated on one printer, thereby saving resources.

The printer features intuitive operation via the 180° rotatable 7″ touch display. The pre-installed graphics, videos, web or QR codes as well as links to information on the network allow for unrestricted use of the printer worldwide. All of the comprehensive information can be easily selected and called up via the touch display, which means that even employees who rarely use the printer can quickly learn how to operate it.

PrintJet CONNECT – the integrated pre-heating of the markers optimises the ink flow control

The fifth generation PrintJet CONNECT printer is part of a sophisticated and perfectly matched overall concept within our Workplace Solution. The result is a portfolio of complete solutions for the workshop where each work step perfectly flows into the next, and enabling processes to be 80% faster with 100% planning reliability. One important part of the process chain is the marking solution, because markings are basic requirements for service, maintenance and successful troubleshooting. No system or control cabinet should be delivered without correct and complete labelling. The complete Weidmüller marking solution includes printing and marking systems as well as labelling software with CEA interfaces.

With the PrintJet CONNECT, Weidmüller is launching an industrial inkjet printer that combines maximum process and cost efficiency with intelligent networking and complete data consistency. Existing data can be used directly for labelling, for example, which increases efficiency and minimises the error rate. At the same time, the networking feature also allows the status and functionality of the printer to be permanently monitored regardless of the location, which contributes to secure availability.

The extensive information such as graphics, videos, web or QR codes can be easily selected and called up via the touch display.

The PrintJet CONNECT is connected to the network either in the traditional manner via LAN or wirelessly via WiFi. The latter option is performed via the WiFi stick supplied. Thanks to Weidmüller’s Windows-based M-Print® PRO labelling software, existing data such as that from ePLAN, WS-CAD, Zuken e3 or Microsoft Excel can be easily accessed. Even without a PC and network connection, the print files can be uploaded directly via USB to start the process.

The PrintJet CONNECT offers a wide range of additional benefits thanks to its networking capability. For example, Weidmüller regularly provides security patches and updates that are installed on the printer in accordance with the company’s IT specifications. The printer’s integrated IPC works with the proven WIN 10 IoT operating system, which enables the installation of security updates. The monitoring of the printer status can be performed not only on the printer itself but also via remote maintenance. Operating parameters such as power supply, ink consumption, service life, humidity or room temperature are logged so that they are available to the user for maintenance purposes. This allows service technicians to provide targeted online support via remote maintenance and to avoid unnecessary equipment failures as well as on-site maintenance and repairs. Corresponding messages are shown on the display via the M-Print® PRO software.

The PrintJet CONNECT guarantees consistently high print quality. It automatically adjusts itself to the size tolerances of the markers and therefore enables the print to be perfectly centred on each marker. Due to humidity, there is always the possibility that the marking material will change in size. The PrintJet CONNECT compensates for this inaccuracy. An integrated sensor in the printer records the exact size of the marker and adjusts the pressure values accordingly. This is the perfect solution for consistent print quality.

PrintJet CONNECT, which is defining a new level of high performance and innovation, focuses on industrial printing technology. Its inkjet technology ensures razor-sharp print quality, high smudge and scratch resistance and unique colour printing. With the latter, users follow DIN EN 60204-1:2006 “Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines – Part 1: General requirements”, which recommends the use of colour coding for the best possible clarity. The use of CMYK colour cartridges means that the elements to be printed can be printed in deep black as well as in the entire Windows colour palette. The PrintJet CONNECT is suitable for all plastic or metal markers from the MultiCard or MetalliCard families. It is also possible to create graphics or full-surface printing. The PrintJet CONNECT achieves extremely durable excellent printing results on all media.

The PrintJet CONNECT can process different MultiCard formats in one print job. This means that there is no need to change the print media even with different markers in a single print job. The magazine and the integrated output magazine can hold up to 50 MultiCards for one job. Due to the ingenious design of the printer, it is also capable of printing half MultiCards. In this way, even the smallest quantities can be produced economically and sustainably.

The printer separates and prints the MultiCard and hardens the ink — as a fully automated operational sequence. The high speed is achieved by carrying out work steps such as transport, printing or fusing in parallel. The input magazine can hold up to 50 MultiCards, as can the output magazine. The integrated pre-heating of the markers optimises the ink flow control, which leads to a further improvement of the print quality. Not least due to the use of the multi-stage fusing unit consisting of an infrared emitter, ventilation, thermal separation and a sophisticated heat dissipation system, the PrintJet CONNECT is also suitable for printing large quantities of markers. The markers can then be used immediately. This is one way in which this real all-rounder increases the flexibility of the marking tasks while broadening the range of applications.

Author: Dipl.-Ing. Silke Lödige, Manager Trade Press, Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

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