SIMODEC 2022: A positioning welcomed by exhibitors


The meeting place for professionals in the precision mechanics industry

Launched in April, the SIMODEC 2022 professional tradeshow brought together more than 60 exhibitors in June for a presentation of their strategy and a brand new 8,000 m² hall. Everyone appreciated Rochexpo’s clear positioning.

Dedicated to precision mechanical manufacturing and bar turning, the La Roche sur Foron tradeshow aims to attract French and European subcontractors and contractors through the very best-in-class in industrial intelligence focused on machining machine tools, additive manufacturing machines, tools and tooling, automation, peripheral machines, IT and dedicated software as well as every device that is needed to ensure 4.0 production.

SIMODEC 2022 is a human-sized tradeshow comfortably hosting 400 exhibitors specialising in precision mechanics and bar cutting. It will open from 8 to 11 March 2022 and inaugurates an open hall spanning 8,000m² without any pillars. This hall will provide an original layout, facilitating the flow of visitors throughout all the exhibition centre. Designed with input from exhibitors, interactive technological events will be organised and aim at piquing the interest of investors in their clients’ most promising sectors. Land and air mobility, energy and the environment, medical and health, watch-making and luxury goods, sports and leisure will therefore benefit in vivo from the most advanced production techniques, within a state-of-the-art digital framework.

Village square will be created in the center of the halls and tradeshow partners will lead discussions and debates on the evolution of trades in precision mechanics manufacturing, additive manufacturing, gender equality in industry, industrial solutions for the environment and sustainable development, and the advantages production companies have in adopting 4.0 organisation practices.

SIMODEC 2022 will be the first tradeshow in 2022 and as it enjoys this unique positioning targeted at precision mechanics manufacturing and bar turning, it communicates with all the European regions most concerned by this sector: southern Germany, Switzerland, northern Italy, Basque country in Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and, naturally, France with, in particular, the regions of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

More than 30% of SIMODEC 2020 exhibitors have already booked their spot. Those present at the event were unanimous in welcoming the full refund of deposits paid for the 2020 edition, which was cancelled due to health conditions. By favouring quality human relations, the ROCHEXPO association, organiser of SIMODEC 2022, wants to demonstrate the importance of face-to-face meetings and exchanges. Nothing can replace these contacts for a good decision for a long-lasting investment in production.

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