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Hutchinson designs and produces customized materials and connected solutions to respond to the needs of its global customers, on land, in the air and at sea. As global leader in vibration control, fluid management, sealing system technologies, and belt drive systems, our Group stands out with a multiple market offering spanning multiple areas of expertise and delivering synergies and value-added. Hutchinson reported revenues of €3.800 billion in 2020 and has more than 40,000 employees in 25 countries. Our ambition is to contribute to safer, more comfortable, and more responsible mobility for the future.

Hutchinson designed the Poly V rubber belt, as a recognized worldwide specialist in rubber Belt Drive Systems.  Since 1962, Hutchinson develops and manufactures complete Drive Systems incorporating ribbed belts, linear tensioners, thermoset pulleys, idler rollers.

As a market leader, the company works with the largest OEMs in automotive, appliance, conveying, HVAC, pumps, energy supply, heavy industry, small appliances, food processing, agriculture and gardening, quarrying, mining, and building.

In response to industrial customer needs, and as designer of conveyor elastic belt technology, Hutchinson has developed the Conveyxonic® belt for roller conveyor manufacturers and is a key partner by providing innovative solutions with added value, economical and reliable solutions.

ConveyXonic® rubber belt 

To meet the needs of the roller conveyors manufacturers, Hutchinson has specially developed the Conveyxonic® elastic belt.

This belt is now used worldwide by all the roller conveyors manufacturers and millions of Conveyxonic® belts are fitted on thousands of conveyors kilometers each year.

The Conveyxonic® is the «6 in 1» belt capable of transporting loads from 1 to 2 tons, as well as replacing up to six transmission systems used in the conveyor assembly (flat belt, round belt, chain and timing belt, twisted belt, and tangential belt).

The belt’s elastic properties allow for at least 30% reduction in costs by using 1 motor for 50 rollers while improving life span and absorption of shocks and vibrations. 

The Conveyxonic® is available in two profiles to cover a power range from 55 to 550W and a linear speed from 0.10m/s to 3m/s: 

  • The Conveyxonic® PJ «Light loads» easily outperforms round polyurethane belts, with its transmission ratio 4-times higher.
  • The Conveyxonic® PJ «Medium and Heavy loads» can replace a chain drive system. 
  • The Conveyxonic® PK belt can be used to replace chains for very heavy loads up to 2 tons.

With the Conveyxonic® belt, you can save at least 30 % on your global roller conveying system cost, reduce inventory costs and cut your budget on maintenance.

It is easy to use, and includes the following features:

  • Universal standard shelf product, automatic or semi-automatic installation
  • Worldwide product line availability
  • Simplified installation thanks to the products elasticity

Technical Performances:

  • Power transmission 4 times greater than a round belt
  • Rapid and smooth package flow (up to 3m/s)
  • Antistatic belts compliant with ISO 1813


  • Durable and clean
  • Reliable and quiet
  • Guaranteed efficiency and ROI
  • Iso standard 9982
  • Free of maintenance (no grease necessary)

To help you to define your Conveyxonic® belt for your roller conveyor in a few seconds, Hutchinson has also developed the CONVEYXONIC® WIZARD APP. Do not hesitate to connect to the App and order your Conveyxonic® belts at the link or Find Hutchinson products and solutions for all markets on the company website.

This article is published in MOTION+DRIVES Oct-Nov-Dec 2021 issue.

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