Power Transmission Operations in Space, featured in Motion+Drives magazine


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A Positive Outlook for PT and Motion Industries

This edition of Motion + Drives Magazine headlines the uniquely interesting topic of Power Transmission operations in space. Take an introductory look at mechanisms propelling some of the most technologically advanced equipment in existence today, and marvel at the unparalleled durability requirements necessary to operate within the extreme conditions beyond Earth.

Further, it is our distinct pleasure to share exclusive interviews with influential leaders from a selection of the PT Industry’s highly supportive organizations. Mr. Salim Haffar, President of EUROTRANS, provides his professional insight into the adaptive measures being taken to help PT associations navigate today’s challenging landscape following the Covid-19 pandemic. Likewise, we highlight a candid discussion with Mr. Koen Lauryssen, Operations Manager at EPTDA, who details his informative viewpoints related to current conditions and future outlook. Later, we go on to explore how new hybrid formats are revolutionizing the immediate future of industry events and meetings.

Finally, the core of any industry is undoubtedly the solution providers. Explore a variety of companies from around the world offering innovative products and services. In this issue we cover companies that are helping to bridge the gap related to a surge of consumer spending. A central theme arises in the form of digital transformation within businesses. Whether through automated warehousing, lean thinking, or the addition of virtual experiencecenters, PT businesses are acclimating to technological shifts.

What’s in Motion…

What’s in motion for the PT industry. Revel in the joy of success while reading of a student start-up helping to improve racing technology. Learn details about key companies and trends, announcements, product developments, and tech advancements, concentrated in the following areas; belt systems, springs, chains & transmission elements, spacers for gearbox applications, seals, brakes, couplings, drive technology, lubrication systems, & induction heaters. All this and more can be found in this new edition of Motion + Drives Magazine.

I hope that you will enjoy it.
Mike Brandt, Editor-in-Chief @ Motion + Drives magazine